Chandrababu Facing Back To Back Political Bullets ?
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The ex - AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and also The TDP Party chief is running into trouble and even facing huge disappointment in fighting 

against the YSRCP Party. 

Actually, after losing the elections

many thought that TDP will take a long time to stand back and fight against the mighty YSRCP. But during the assembly meetings 

TDP Party Chief expressed his 

irony and will power to stand back to fight as the strong opposition. 

But this seems only in words but not in his actions. Because TDP Party chief CBN is trying hard to degrade YSRCP in every issue or aspect and that's actually getting reversed on him all the time. 

When Jagan's Government came up with three capitals for the state

the majority ratio in the state has accepted the decision. But the TDP Party chief has strongly opposed the agenda of Y.S Jagan's Government. And also as a shock to him few senior leaders in the TDP Party have accepted the decision of YSRCP Party when CBN is strongly protesting against the Jagan's Government. This made him a fool publicly. Even in the issues regarding krishna water and recent LG polymers Gas Leakage, TDP Party chief has given unique versions of him 

that left even the experts clueless about what CBN is actually stating about. Many are saying that it's time for the senior most politician to retire. Accordingly CBN is getting into stress and pressure 

to deal with Y.S Jagan.

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