Cases On Kalvakuntla Kavitha But For A Different Reason ?
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Kalvakuntla Kavitha is the only daughter of Telangana CM KCR. 

She is also an ex - member of Parliament from Nizamabad Constituency. But unfortunately 

She has lost the recent parliamentary elections. So, being the daughter of chief minister she is not getting rewarded with an MLC post from the same Nizamabad Constituency. 

But, this raises a big controversial issue. Actually the supreme court has also recently ordered that if any political party is giving their party ticket for the person who is holding a criminal background or any kind of cases on them. Then, the particular Party must give a clear explanation that why the party is giving their party ticket to such kind of a person. 

Accordingly, TRS Party has clearly given their explanation that being the daughter of KCR even Kavitha has also been an active partner in the Telangana Movement. This is very much acceptable because the cases were booked on Kalvakuntla Kavitha at the time of Telangana Movement. But TRS party has also mentioned that Kavitha was also the part of Samaikya Andhra - Movement which is actually shocking, That How can she fight for the Separate Telangana State and at the same time how can she be apart of Protesting Movement 

which is against the formation of Separate Telangana State. So, this seems to be the utter silly mistake made by the TRS PARTY which got them struck in the explanation of the police cases that are on Kalvakuntla Kavitha. 

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