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The high court recently ordered 

the government of Andhra Pradesh that the whole land in marripalem must not be used for any kind of construction works and also the land should not be sold to anyone or even should not be given to lease to anyone, So that no board should also be placed stating one's ownership on the land. Actually, during this lockdown period The Government of Andhra Pradesh suddenly came into action and 

acquired all the land in marripalem

stating that everything here is the government's land but the land owner who is frustrated and tensed has moved forward legally by filing a petition that the land belongs to private people also. 

The survey number 81/3 in marripalem that is adjacent to the national highway is owned by a person called lishikesh, But all his properties are handled by his relative Naresh who is also said 

to be the CEO of Symbiosis University. Then, by getting to know this few members from pulivendula of Rayalaseema have gone to meet Naresh and in the meeting with Naresh they have also warned to give 10 crore rupees as a gift to them so that their land will be safe otherwise the land might get into trouble. Hearing the warning from them Naresh had straight away gone to the police station and filed a complaint. This incident has happened in 2014 

and finally now after six years The Government of Andhra Pradesh has moved ahead to acquire the same land. 

Thereby, the incident clearly states that someone from Jagan camp is running the whole drama. But why should a government support this kind of activity ? Anywhere's now again this is under bad news for Jagan's Government which is going through different hurdles.

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