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Newly Married Star Director Going For Divorce

A star director has given shock with his divorce news recently. Knowing the director many assumed that his marital bond will last longer as he is known for patience, love and concern. But much to the surprise of all, he filed a divorce petition along with his wife. What could be the reason for his divorce? When questioned many answered something in common.

The first opinion is that star director has no time to spend with the newly married bride. He has been busy making films ever since he got married and never took any respite. He must be very mechanical about his family life but serious and concerned about his professional life as he got big opportunities to work on both in Tollywood and Bollywood. 

Any newly married girl wants to spend time with her husband. She may want to go out on long vacation, some family events and even loves to have some pleasant one to one talk. But the director's professional needs have no time to answer all these family things. This could be the major rupture between the two, say many. Lack of understanding might have erupted between them which lead to lack of interest on each other. 

Adding to this, some gossips might have surrounded the peace of the new bride. There are some rumors that the director is connected to a heroine. All in all, it is common for any film director to get into such murky gossips and should understand as the occupational hazard. Had this understanding was lacking, no actor or actress or director would have continued in marital bond. 

"Though it is not good to interfere into personal matters, let us hope that the couple understand each other and withdraw their petitions and live happily forever. After all, living together in love is possible only without expectations. Easy to say this but hard to practice. But whoever practices at least 10% of it, lives happily! It is also a wild dream to anticipate a better life partner..well, no body will be better in this world, until one makes oneself better", said a film celebrity in the condition of anonymity. 




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