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Nayan-Vignesh Performs Special Pooja

Mallu beauty Nayanthara has settled in Chennai from sometime after falling in love with director Vignesh Shivan. Whenever the love birds find time, they do two things. Either they fly to New York for a vacation, or they will be heading to some holy shrine or the other to perform special poojas.

Other day, Nayan and Vignesh turned up at Bhagavathi Amman temple in the far end Indian town of Kanyakumari to perform a special pooja. It's not a simple pooja, say sources close to her, as the star heroine is now undertaking a special deeksha after this pooja where she vows not to eat meat and follow abstinence. If you're wondering why she took up this Deeksha, here is the reason.

Actually the star heroine has taken up a new film titled 'Mookkuthy Amman' where she will be playing the role of a goddess. As the film's shooting starts from today (Dec 11), she has taken that deeksha in order to do justice to the character she's playing. Say it method acting or just a belief, Nayan has won hearts with this move.

The likes of Nagarjuna and Vijay Chander also did similar stuff when they acted in devotional films.





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