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Nanis Girl Revealed About The Rumours On Nani

Nani’s ‘Snehithudu’ co-star, Madhavi Latha has been on and off with regard to being vocal about various issues in the Telugu Film Industry and also in general. Talking about the recent rumours about Nani, Madhavi Latha said that she heard rumours about Nani in 2012, itself. She didn’t have a special liking for him or else any particular dislike. She says that he was only her co-star and nothing beyond that. Though she didn’t experience any such thing when Nani worked with her, the gossips on him were doing rounds during that period, itself according to Madhavi Latha. She expressed zero interest in ‘Bigg Boss 2’ and felt that there is still time before writing off Nani as a host because even NTR also was a bit inconvenient in the first episodes and later, quickly got into his own style and rocked the show with his presence, sense of humour, subtle satire and of course his charisma.





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