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Nani Legal Action On Srireddy

Natural Star Nani is known to be that controversial free hero who always minds his work and mingles with everyone so cordially. But there is one actress who wants to tango with controversies all the time and she has come up with the plan of attacking Nani now.

After coming up with worst tweets and Facebook posts on Sekhar Kammula, she has turned silent as he slapped her with a legal notice. Then we have Koratala Siva openly talking about how he respects women and never involves in such sleazy activities. Later this lady has even uttered worst ever cuss words on Pawan Kalyan and invited the wrath of his fans and himself. 

It looks like now Nani also joined the list of those celebs who want to go legal way to take action on this nonsensical actress. "I'm not going to join the filth by reacting on it. But initiated legal action. A legal notice has been dispatched for filing defamation cases", said Nani, in his statement, highlighting, "Patience has a limit". 

What disturbed Nani and made him go the legal way? "The fact that someone can randomly pick up names who are soft targets and spread such absolute baseless nonsense and think that they can actually get away with it disturbs me!" he added. 

"There won't be a comment from me on this ever again!" Nani concluded. 




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