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Nani Lacks Confidence

Nani may not be a superstar, but since he is currently hosting Bigg Boss, he steps into a special league of Tollywood stars. Nani is yet to get total command on Bigg Boss, as he is not maintaining the same energy levels each weekend.

Just when Nani makes audiences feel that he did quite well on a weekend, he lets them down on his next appearance on the show. He is also failing to make the contestants fear him. In fact, many contestants are even addressing him informally. Had Nani acted strict with them, all the contestants would have come under his control. However, it looks like Nani himself lacks confidence.

Nani is undoubtedly no less than the housemates. Keeping aside the top stars, Nani is the number one star in the next league in Tollywood. But Nani is unable to carry his stardom on Bigg Boss. He even appears to be thinking twice to take the contestants to task, wondering if they will counter him.

As an actor, Nani does complete justice to any kind of roles. But with each passing week, Nani's weaknesses as a TV host are coming to the fore, and people are opining that he is not cut out for hosting such mega shows. Some people are even going ahead and are suggesting the Star Maa authorities to replace him with someone who commands over the contestants.

When NTR hosted Bigg Boss, no matter how the show was during the weekdays, there used to be some sort of excitement over the weekends, as everyone used to wait for his arrival. Even the writers were constantly on their toes to match up to Tarak's energy. But it looks like the writers are on a relax mode with Nani at the helm this time.




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