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Nani Counters for sanjana comments As Same pinch

How did you felt Nani's hosting? That's the one question the first ever eliminated contestant of Big Boss 2, Sanjana Anne, is faced in many interviews. Ever since she's shown exit doors from the reality show, the Vijayawada based model is busy giving interviews and making the most of the whatever image she got through this participation.

Talking about Nani, this lady is quite vocal that the Natural Star is a misfit and has no stuff like NTR. "I won't say that Nani is that bad, but after using iPhone for a time, will you go back to the cheap phone? Same way I got addicted to NTR's hosting and can't imagine Nani in that place. I don't see Nani having such stuff" commented Sanjana, making a mockery of Nani, in her multiple interviews. 

Replying to the same via Twitter, Nani posted, "Same pinch .. I like I phone too". One wonders what has to make out of this statement. Maybe Nani has said that even he look liked NTR's performance, or the fact that he also love to see only iPhone kind of stuff inside Big Boss house, and hence kicked out Sanjana. Netizens are hailing Nani's reply as an epic counter to the struggling model. 

Whatever these comments, Nani is impressing household audiences with his natural jokes, comedy liners and satires on the contestants. Audiences feel that both NTR and Nani are good in their own way and comparison is unethical. That said, Sanjana is trying to make more fame out of her short stint with these provoking comments in the name of honesty.




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