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Nani Copied Ntr Style For Bigboss

NTR made a remarkable mark as reality show host by successfully anchoring Bigg Boss season one which got good TRP ratings for all the episodes, especially the weekend episodes where NTR entertained participants as well as viewers.

Now, Bigg Boss enthusiasts are badly missing NTR who is not part of Bigg Boss 2. Natural Star Nani replaced NTR as the host for Bigg Boss season 2. Although first episode got good TRPs, Nani disappointed with his poor anchoring skills. He botched to create any interest which affected TRPs of week days. In fact, bad selection of contestants too caused big damage.

Apparently, with inputs from show organizers, Nani has changed his style for new episodes. While he was seen bit serious on Saturday warning contestants for their mistakes, he is seen cheering them on Sunday.

One thing that was common on both the episodes was Nani imitated NTR’s mannerisms and styles. Turns out, Nani had watched Bigg Boss season thoroughly to learn how to tackle the show. In the process, he only has learnt to copy NTR’s style, rather than making his own mark.

Fortunately, this weekend was bit interesting compared to previous episodes. They need to add more masala by inviting one or two new contestants who would entertain viewers with their funny acts!




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