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Namratha And Upasana Shines At Shriya Pre Wedding Function

Shriya Bhupal is not much known to Tollywood through her designer brand "Shriyasom" but she's popular as hero Akhil's Ex GF who first got engaged to him and later broke off. 

Recently, Shriya got engaged to Apollo emperor Pratap Reddy's grandson, a cousin of Upasana Kamineni, one Anindith Reddy Konda at a palace on the outskirts of Paris, France. Now, she's getting ready for the big fat wedding. Today they have started pre-wedding celebrations of Shriya and Anindith, and the family's good friend Namrata Shirodkar made a splash along with daughter Sitara. 

While the besties Namrata and Upasna posed in one picture, Namrata posed with Shriya and her would-be Aindith in another one. Shriya's brother's wife Dia Mehta is also seen in the pictures, whom Namrata calls as her soul sister. 

Earlier it was thought that what has happened in Paris is the wedding, but it looks like that is only engagement but the real wedding is yet to happen.




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