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Naga Shourya Picks Dangerous Title

Sentiments of the film are not unknown. One of such sentiments is 'The Narthanasala.' Nandamuri Tarakaramaravu 'Narthanasala' is reminiscent of this title. Balakrishna had planned to remake this film, but the shooting of the movie for a short time had done and most innocent actors in that have died. Thus, 'Nartanasala' in Tollywood is called the Dangerous title. But Nagashourya's latest release with the title is bringing his latest movie to the audience. The film is currently in the shooting phase and the title is 'Nartanasala', but there are signs that have changed the title since then. But Nagashourya is coming up with the same title. Like the 'Chalo', this 'narthanasala' is also coming up in Nagashouriya's own banner. He is all set to go ahead and reach the audience this August.





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