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Naga Chaitanya Graces Santosh Sobhan’s Movie Launch

Naga Chaitanya Graces Santosh Sobhan's Movie Launch

Santosh Sobhan, acclaimed for his roles in films like “Paper Boy” and “Sridevi Shoban Babu,” marked a significant milestone today with the launch of his new movie. What makes this occasion even more special is that the movie launch was graced by the presence of Akkineni Naga Chaitanya.

Chaitanya, adorned in a simple yet elegant ensemble comprising a white shirt paired with grey pants, took the honor of clapping the board for this upcoming venture. The movie, identified as production no. 4 under Amrutha Productions and Mass Movie Makers, is set to feature the YouTube sensation Dhethadi Alekhya Harika as the leading lady.

Adding a splash of vibrant styles to the event, Santosh Sobhan sported an all-blue look, donning a blue shirt paired with denim pants. Harika, on the other hand, radiated elegance in a green saree paired with a cream-colored blouse. The atmosphere at the event was filled with joy and positivity, encapsulating the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this promising new project.

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