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Naga Babu Video Message To Hindu Religion Haters

A few days ago, Mega Brother Nagababu breathed fire on Kathi Mahesh on his abusive words on lord Sri Rama and Sitha Devi. Nagababu's video message went viral and the Mega Brother got humongous response from netizens. 

Nagababu hasn't stopped his fight. He brought a British boy and let him sing 'Vinudu Vinudu Ramayana Gatha' song from Lavakusa. The boy sang the song quite devotional with his mellifluous vocals. 

"While some people in India are spoiling Hindu dharma and our culture, foreign people like this boy are getting attracted with our dharma. Shame on those Indians who hate our Hindu dharma, Hindu culture and Hindu tradition. Learn from this boy who was inspired by our dharma," appealed Nagababu to Hindu religion's haters in a video message. 

Click here for lord Sri Rama's song from a British boy


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