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Nag As Shankar Dada And Nani As A Doctor

Doing the unexpected, King Nagarjuna has agreed for the title "Devdas" for his next film, where he teamed up with hero Nani for a multi-starer film. The film is about a don, played by Nag and a doctor, played by Nani if reports are to be believed. Here goes an interesting snippet about this.

Apparently, the title revelation poster itself is confirming that the film is about the journey of a gun and stethoscope. And it looks like the backdrop for this film is one Shantabhai Memorial hospital. If that is the case, then immediately one would connect to Chiranjeevi's Shankardada MBBS, which deals with the story of a small time don joining MBBS college. 

That role, which was originally crafted by Rajkumar Hirani for Sanjay Dutt, succeeded quite well in the Telugu language too. Now that Nagarjuna is entering a similar setup, we have to see how is he going to handle it. There will be huge expectations on him and also with Nani around, they are doubled. 

Many have a feeling that the iconic titled "Devadasu" of ANR, which was already commercialised with masala touch by YVS Chowdary some years back, is now going to get another facelift. Will that work or will it get likened by the people, is something we have to see in the coming months. 




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