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Nag And Nani Multistarrer Movie

Slowly and steadily, Natural Star Nani proved his worth and the success of his films at the box office is a testimony of that. Though his last outing didn't fare well, still he's the most consistent hero we have.

Currently working on his multi-starer movie where he teamed up with senior hero Nagarjuna, Nani is all set to host Big Boss season 2 as well alongside it. Coming to his multi-starrer being directed by Sriram Aditya, the hero is said to be charging double than what Nagarjuna is taking home. 

While the makers are paying 4 crores to Nagarjuna for his part, Nani is said to be taking home 8 crores for his role. Surely Nani enjoys a bigger following among the youths and that might be the reason why he's paid a double than his senior. And Nani will have a little bigger role in the movie than the Akkineni heir, they say. 

Meanwhile, Nani hasn't okayed any big films to work post this project as he wants to take a decision based on the result of that movie. His only commitment other than this multi-starrer is Big Boss 2.




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