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Naa Nuvve Movie Final Collections

Nandamuri Hero Kalyan Ram who scored three consecutive flops recently came up with a love story Naa Nuvve. This is the first ever romantic movie in his entire career and Kalyan Ram also tried to impress the audience with his new look. As the songs are also melodious, the movie got the positive hype but after the release, it became a disaster at the box office.

Naa Nuvve business is already closed. After considering the investment and the earnings, the movie became one of the disasters in Tollywood. The overall collections Naa Nuvve made worldwide is just 1.5 crores. Except in Ceeded, the movie got released directly in all the other areas. The movie got sold for 90 lakhs in Ceeded but the total collections the film made in that area is just 20 lakhs. So the distributors haven't even got at least one fourth of the money. Even the producers also invested 7 crores for the film and are now facing huge losses.
Area-wise closing share of Naa Nuvve:

Nizam: Rs. 26 lakhs

Ceeded: Rs. 20 lakhs

North Andhra: Rs. 18 lakhs

East: Rs. 10 lakhs

West: Rs. 8 lakhs

Krishna: Rs. 10 lakhs

Guntur: Rs. 16 lakhs

Nellore: Rs. 7 lakhs

Other: Rs. 10 lakhs

Overseas: Rs. 25 lakhs

Overall collections: Rs. 1.5 crores




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