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Murali Mohan Is Humiliated By Muslims Maganti

Telugu Desam Party has been trying to say that they are the only saviours of Democracy at National Level and at State level in Andhra Pradesh. 

But their claims of being the builders and founders of Navya Andhra Pradesh are back-firing on them sooner than they have expected. 

Rajahmundry, TDP MP, close friend of Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Maganti Murali Mohan, tried to talk at Ramadan celebrations conducted by local muslims. 

But he was sent back by Muslim leaders and people in the crowd. He felt bad as the protest broke while few tried to make him stay, the humiliation is too hard to handle for him, so he immediately left the premises.

Muslim leader, Abdul Razzaq at the event said that Murali Mohan and TDP did not listen to their demands in the past four years and even when they submitted many requests, they did not care for them at all. 

But this protest against their MP did not go down well with TDP local leaders and party cadre. They are saying that the muslims have stopped him from speaking as he tried to speak at 9:45 AM, which is their Namaz time for the day, determined by local Imam. 

Well, it all looked like they are trying to cover up for the lack of respect or trust for TDP, among the local muslims




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