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Multi Compser Soundtrack For Lover

Lover is the new film of actor Raj Tharun. Dil Raju produces the movie, and it is directed by Annish Krishna who has in the past delivered the surprise hit Ala Ela. The specialty of the film is the muti-composer soundtrack as we regularly see in Bollywood. Four different music directors are working on the album. Together they have been able to give a consistent and fresh sounding commercial songs keeping the Telugu sensibilities in mind. Only the male singer choice feels odd at times, but that could be excused for the overall likability of the album. The different music directors on Lover are Ankit Tiwari, Arko, Sai Karthik, Rishi Rich, Ajay Vas, and Tanishk Bagchi. They all have come up with a mostly melodious soundtrack that one can easily be hooked on to after few listens. Listen to the jukebox below.





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