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Mother To Be A Kidney Donor For Rana

Rumours on Rana’s health aren’t taking any clue to die down with regard to his eye surgery and the alleged kidney surgery. While there were reports that Rana squashed the rumour on his kidney ailment, a new rumour surfaced regarding the same. According to a report in the Deccan Chronicle, Rana is either going to Singapore or the USA for his kidney transplant as his mother, Lakshmi is ready for donating him her kidney. Several times, both Suresh Babu and Rana Daggubati talked about his eye problem and need for surgery for one particular eye. This kidney problem is a new thing that has been in the news for quite a while now despite no confirmation from the family members, officially. We can only hope that all these rumours are fake and Rana is healthy and hale and too busy with his work to respond to the rumours.





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