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Mojo TV Ex-CEO Revathi Arrested

Along with TV9, My Home group had also issues with Mojo TV and its management. My Home tried its best to take over Mojo TV as well but as it was established by an independent investor who is good friend of Ravi Prakash. While this is happening at one end, the Banjara Hills police have arrested Mojo TV former CEO Revathi.

Going into details, a Dalit leader by name Hamara Prasad has filed an SC, ST Atrocity case and in this case, he included Revathi as A2. Based on the complaint, the police said they have served notices to Revathi but she did not reply. Hence the cops arrested her and took her in their custody. This whole episode took place on the wee hours of Friday.

However the police did not disclose any details of Revathi's arrest except for revealing that she was booked under SC, ST Atrocity case.





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