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Modi Responds MP’S Letter On Amaravati

The Three Capitals issue which has gone through some interesting twists and turns has witnessed one more development as Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a reply to the letter of TDP MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar opposing the AP government's decision to have three capitals, one each for Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

In his letter, the MP claimed that the decision taken by the government might lead to the integrity of the country. He even added that by declaring three capitals for the state that have 13 districts will result in a huge problem.

He requested Mr. Modi to see that the state government withdraws this decision as the capital issue is the territory of the Central government. The point that the Amaravati was declared as the state capital as per the bifurcation law.

To this Narendra Modi has replied that he has received that letter written by the MP and reportedly said Centre is aware of the three capitals issue and will respond at the right time.




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