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Modi Is Not Ready To Take Any Risks ?

The spread of coronavirus is a dangerous sign to the human race in the society. Knowing that after the janatha curfew on March 22nd Prime minister Narendra Modi came in front of the media and announced the lockdown until April 14th, Later after April 14th again Modi and Co extended the lockdown until March 3rd. 

As the march 3rd is going to appear soon everybody is curious to know what modi is going to do. But they are signs that Modi is not going to take any risks this time by extending the lockdown anymore. As because the economy is going down very badly. Thereby there is news that few permissions would be given to green and orange zones but the red zones will be strictly under lockdown. Modi and Co is gearing up to slowly give permissions for every sector, So that very soon normal conditions will be laid down and by then even the economy can be brought back into a stable condition ( but that's not that easy) . 


Thereby, Narendra Modi and his Government is very seriously working towards the challenges that will appear after the post lockdown. The biggest challenge is to settle the financial state of the country and that is why Modi is keen in taking decisions actively. 


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