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Modi Action Aganist 2 TV Channels

In a significant move aimed at curbing the indiscriminate and irresponsible coverage of Delhi arson, the Central Government has banned the broadcasting of two television channels for two days.  The two TV channels whose broadcasts have been stopped for two days are – Asianet and MediaOne TV. Both the channels are based out of the national capital.

These two channels have aired highly biased and unsubstantiated content while covering the Delhi arson. The channels said that the Hindus were attacking Muslims in hordes and that the Muslims were at the receiving end. Biased and unsubstantiated reportage such as this could further fan communal fires and create more discord in the society. So, the Central Government has decided to take action against these two channels. Interestingly, this is only the second time that the Modi government has taken action against a media house during its six years in power. The first instance was a one-day ban on the NDTV.

Quite curiously, one of the channels – the Asianet – is owned by BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar. Despite being owned by the BJP MP, the channel aired content which is biased and one-sided. Moreover, it also tried to create public disaffection, according to the Central Government. So, the Government acted on its own MP's channel. A lesson indeed for those who spread disaffection and fan communal fires.




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