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Mixed Reactions On Mega Hero Boring Look

Whenever a celebrity goes out, surely his/her appearances at every place will be scrutinised by fashion critics. And fans also want to take inspiration from their favourite stars when it comes to donning outfits. That's why even Airport looks of celebs are pretty crucial.

Cut to Telugu heroes, there are very fewer heroes who maintain certain swag when it comes to managing that fashion quotient. Here is an interesting discussion going on one of the young heroes, mega menalludu, Sai Dharam Tej. Apparently this hero is trying to make his fashion-mark by wearing the simple kurta-pyjama at almost all the events these days. 

Netizens say that it is boring to see him mimicking Pawan Kalyan by wearing that kurta-pyjama outfit all the time. To promote a film in which he has done a love story, probably clothes that resemble the character he played inside the film are best suited to the occasion, a fashion critic commented. 

However, fans of the young hero are feeling happy that he's following in the footsteps of Pawan and wearing the khadi outfits all the time. Even Ram Charan has donned such kurtas for a while, but later he started wearing them as per the occasion, rather all the time




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