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Mimicry Artist Venu Madhav Passes Away

Nerella Venu Madhav, one of the greatest mimicry artistes India has produced, is no more.  He died earlier on Tuesday.  He had been suffering from bad health and had been put on a ventilator.  

Born in 1932 in Warangal district, Venu Madhav was a prodigy in imitating voices and even sounds.  He became a theatre personality at a young age.  He was one of the few in India who could mimic Hollywood actors.  The gifted artiste could get even the background music right!  He was a man of a million voices.  

He gave a number of performances both in India and other countries, and enjoyed the moniker of 'Swara Brahma' 

A Padma Sri awardee, a postal stamp was issued recently in recognition of his immense talent.  The Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have condoled Venu Madhav's death.  

Galli2delhi extends condolences to VM's bereaved family.  May he attain 'Sadgati'.




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