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Milind Soman Tested Positive: ‘Fitness Can’t Stop You From Getting Infected From Covid19’

Fitness enthusiast Milind Soman had tested positive for COVID 19. He has recovered now and is doing well, but the news had shocked many of his fans. The model turned actor has always preached about a healthy lifestyle and his fans wondered how he got infected despite being fit. So, the actor decided to answer this question and penned down a long post on his Instagram where he mentioned that fitness can help you deal with the virus but can't stop you from getting infected.

Taking it to his official Instagram handle, he wrote, “A friend of mine died yesterday from covid 19 complications. It was quite a shock. He was around 40 with a young child. People still ask me how I got infected if I am so fit. Fitness and health, if good, will help you deal with the virus so that you are not sick, but can't stop you from getting infected. Anybody can get infected. Not everybody infected will get sick. People ask me why I talk about health so much when some people don't have food to eat. I say if you don't have health, nothing else matters very much. Health is seldom a question of time or money.” 

“Most of the infections and hospitalizations in the second wave are from high rises, not slums. To be healthy you need to be aware. And you need to make at least 10% of the effort you put into your job. Or your social life. Take care. Stay safe,” he added.


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