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Mehreen Questioned For Chicago Sex Racket

The prostitution racket involving Tollywood actresses which got busted by the US cops in Chicago, America recently is giving nightmares to everyone. US cops intensified their investigation and are questioning each and everyone associated with Tollywood. This is giving sleepless nights to actresses who are going to US for their film shoots. 

Mehreen Kaur Pirzada who went to US to participate in Gopichand's Pantham schedule was red faced when US cops questioned her when she was traveling from Vancouver to Canada to meet her family.

Recollecting her ordeal, Mehreen affirmed that US cops questioned her and it put her in an embarrassing situation. She said though cops were polite and informed her about the prostitution racket, she felt uncomfortable as she was questioned for no fault of her. 

Mehreen says, for the first time she faced such situation though she had been to USA many times earlier. She said US cops told her that they would continue till they nab all those involved in the racket.




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