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Mehreen Clarifies Her Questioning By US Officials Is Fair

There were speculations that, actress Mehreen Kaur Pirzada was questioned by US border officials in Chicago sex racket. The reports also stated that, the starlet fumed at Telugu media and she is not willing to promote her upcoming film Pantham starring Gopichand in lead role. It is known that, Mehreenm skipped the film’s audio release event took place recently. Mehreen however has now clarified to all the allegations against her.

About missing Pantham function, Mehreen stated, “This story is factually wrong, I have not given any such interview. I have a very good rapport with the media as they have always treated me extremely well. In fact I missed the last promotional event of Pantham as I was down with viral fever in Mumbai.”

Clearing the air on US border officials questioning her during her recent visit to the country, Mehreen stated, "Once in for all I'm stating the facts as to what happened with me in USA. I was traveling with my family from Vancouver to Las Vegas for a weekend holiday. When I was going through immigration, on finding out that I am an actress in the Telugu Movie Industry, I was questioned by the US Border officials as to the reason why I was traveling in the United States. The officials then told me about the scandal which was the first that I heard about it. On finding out that I have nothing to do with the said issue, the officials apologized to me and let me travel without any further problems. I came out publicly regarding the incident for the sake of propriety as I felt it's best that I make a statement before anyone else assumes otherwise. The fact that I was embarrassed by the situation and very shaken up is a personal thing.

It pains me that the actions of a few bad people has tarnished the image of a vibrant and thriving industry. I hope the perpetrators of this scandal are punished as they deserve to be. I will continue to work hard as I always have and give my best performance as my loyal and loving fans and the huge audience that Telugu movies attract. The Telugu Movie Industry has been very good to me and I mind it very much when it's image gets tarnished.

This is the last I will be saying regarding this incident and request the media to not print any stories quoting me without actually speaking with me. Thank you and lots of love" said Mehreen Kaur in her press release.




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