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Mehreen Angry On Social Media Trolling

One can’t even speculate the behaviour of the social media trolls who can find fault in anything and everything and pass judgments. Even a simple act of taking selfies can be said to be shameless by only the notorious social media trolls. Mehreen Pirzada was on the receiving end for just sharing a video when she was caught in the harmless act of taking a selfie. It was just fun and the actress was seen having a good laugh when she was caught. But, one of the social media trolls felt it offensive and wrote, “So, this video proves that you are the same as other actresses. Have some shame to post such kind of videos on social media.” Angry Mehreen gave back to the troll, “Shame on you to have such dirty thinking.” She is quite justified for being angry on the troll as she shared nothing offensively. Looks like, trolls are forgetting the thing called sensibility and human thinking. Sad state of affairs!





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