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Megastar Caught Up Between Sai Dharam Tej And Kalyaan

Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej’s upcoming movie ‘Tej I Love U’ and ‘Vijetha’ marking the debut of Kalyaan Dhev are going to hit the screens on same date i.e on July 6th.

Interestingly Chiru had graced the audio launch event of ‘Tej I Love U’ and conveyed his best wishes to the team.

Adding to that, he will also attend the audio release of ‘Vijetha’ scheduled on June 24th in Hyderabad.

Hero Sai Dharam Tej has banked heavily on ‘Tej I Love U’ as all his previous flicks have bombed at the box office while with ‘Vijetha’ Kalyaan Dhev wants to leave a good impression on the Mega fans and the teaser has generated good buzz as well.

Will Megastar do something to stop this clash? Wait and see




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