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Medical Murder: 22 Deaths In Agra’s Paras Hospital Due To ‘mock Drill’ Of Oxygen Supply!!!

A video of the alleged 'mock drill' at Shri Paras Hospital in Agra is doing the rounds on social media. Based on this video, it is being claimed that 22 patients died due to the shutdown of the oxygen supply. The case has stirred up the political circles of the state besides the police administration. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

Medical murder of 22 patients?

It may be noted that this private hospital has been in controversies in the past as well. Action was taken on this hospital even in the first wave of coronavirus, but the administration soon unsealed the hospital, which is under question. Now once again the alleged video of the hospital's owner Arijnay Jain is going viral. In the viral video, it can be heard in the conversation that the owner of Paras Hospital committed the medical murder of 22 patients. The oxygen supply of patients was deliberately stopped for 5 minutes, due to which 22 patients lost their lives. It is being said that the voice in the video is Arinjay Jain's, in which he is saying, "22 patients turned blue after turning off the oxygen for 5 minutes, at that time 97 patients were admitted in Paras Hospital."

What does DM say?

At the same time, District Magistrate Agra PN Singh said that as it is being said in the viral video that 22 patients have died, there is no truth in this. A total of 97 patients were admitted in Paras Hospital on April 26 and four patients died that day while 3 patients died on April 27. There was a shortage of oxygen for 1-2 days in the district, but soon after the supply started, everything was fine. The videos that have come out will be investigated and legal action will be taken.

What does the hospital owner say?

Dr Arinjay Jain, owner of Paras Hospital, said that what is being told in the video is not true. "We had made an effort to check the oxygen level of the patients as there was a severe shortage of oxygen in those days. We wanted to save the patients, so we talked with our ICU staff to check the oxygen level of all the patients. There was a shortage of oxygen in those days and we wanted to see who would be the patients who would need high level of oxygen if the oxygen supply was cut off or not available on time. That's what we were discussing about," he said.

CM gave instructions for action

At the same time, CM Yogi Adityanath has issued strict instructions regarding the matter. In the case of negligence in Paras Hospital, Agra, CM Yogi has given instructions for strict action. Shri Paras Hospital will be sealed again. Preparations are underway to shift the patients. Soon action will be taken by filing a case under the Epidemic Act. The police force including SP City is present on the spot.

Rahul Gandhi's target

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has attacked the BJP government in the matter. He said, "There is a severe shortage of both oxygen and humanity in the BJP rule. There should be immediate action against all those responsible for this dangerous crime. My condolences to the families of the deceased in this hour of grief."


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