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Maryadaga Undadu Chandrababu Fires On Speaker

A heated argument took place between AP Assembly speaker Tammineni and opposition leader Chandrababu. On the third day of the winter sessions, TDP asked for a debate on English medium and RTC charges hike. However, speaker cut the mic when Chandrababu was addressing the house.

Fumed over this the TDP chief said, 'Maryadaga Undadu' to the speaker for denying to talk. Speaker Tammineni demanded Chandrababu to withdraw his words and asked to remove his comments from the records. "To whom are you talking in a belittling manner? Are you an opposition leader?" questioned Speaker Tammineni.

Then YSRCP leaders Ambati Rambabu and Jogu Ramesh urged the speaker to suspend Chandrababu from the house for misbehaving with the chair. "Chandrababu claims 40 years of experience in politics but this behavior is quite strange and he should immediately apologize to the chair or else suspend him from the house," said Ambati Rambabu.

However, the speaker did not take any action against Chandrababu but asked the officials to remove Babu's words from the records.




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