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Manisharma Expresses His Feelings For Not Having Opportunities

Mani Sharma, who had once been the music musician of the world, is now without much films. Melody Brahma, Mani Sharma, who was awarded the Bollywood Ground King in Tollywood, expressed his views and feelings in a recent interview. Mani Sharma spoke mainly about the absence of intimacy with Mahesh, especially after the latter's absence. Mahesh Babu started his career and started working on films. There was good intimacy between the two. But unexpectedly got a little disturbance somewhere. Perhaps I would have talked to him. It is not easy to understand. After that we have not met somewhere. The last films I made for big heroes are 'Khaleja' and 'Power, Teen Mare'. These are some of the best movies I have ever made. But after that they did not see me. I do not understand my mistake. Also recalled the affiliation with Megastar Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi's movie chudalanivundhi' is the song 'Ramma .. Chilamma' sang with Udit Narayan. Chiranjeevi heard this song and said, 'There is no galce in the voice. But the song was put in place when the unit members turned to the song. Then, Chiranjeevi said in an interview … 'Sometimes the judge is going to make mistakes.' In 'Chirutha', the song 'Osozi .. Rakasi' was similar to the song. This song is not liked by the team, and the director also wanted to remove the song. Chiranjeevi also expressed the same opinion. I am convinced that there is a new song in the song and it is very confident about the song. After the release of the film, the song was a big hit. But now the industry hero has become more oriented, now the heroes want to do the music director, and we feel that we are the ones who are feeling the most. They say 50 to 60 percent is wrong.





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