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Manisha Koirala Furious On Discrimination

Manisha Koirala who once mesmerized with her cute looks and lovely expressions during her hay days, starred in many blockbuster films romancing top stars in the country. She disappeared from the silver screen after her marriage. After a long break, she made a powerful return to silver screen with films like Dear Maya and Lust Stories. 

Manisha also entertained as Sanjay Dutt's mother Nargis in the biopic Sanju which hit the screens today across the world. Manisha speaking to scribes expressed her anger on the discrimination and treatment meted out for the senior heroines by the stars and the filmmakers. 

She said while stars who entered the industry even before her are still doing hero roles, heroines who entered after her and made their reentry after taking a break for their marriage, are getting confined only to inconsequential roles like mothers, sisters etc. 

Manisha affirmed she couldn't understand the reason behind this discrimination and the mindset of the filmmakers, stars and the movie lovers




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