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Manchu Manoj Confirms Divorce With Wife Pranathi

There were rumours since two years that all is not well between hero Manchu Manoj and his wife Pranathi Reddy. But Manoj maintained utter silence till date and finally he announced separation.

"I'm clearing the air about unanswered questions about my career and personal life. With a heavy heart my well-cherished relation has come to an official end. We had our differences and staying away from each other since two years. After a lot of pain and introspection we got separated about two months back," said Manoj in a statement.

Adding "We are two individuals who respect and care for each other. I thank my family for being by my side in my low times."

Lastly, Manoj said he would be doing that thing he knows and loves the most and it's cinema. "Movies rock my world and I wish to rock and roll till my last and even after," summed up the Manchu hero.




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