Mancherial: Teen Poet, Son Of A Mason, Publishes Two English Poem Books In Amazon Kindle!!!

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the lives of students. Things now revolve around online classes what with even exams being conducted in that mode! However, the new normal has also given many an opportunity to explore ways and means to showcase their talents and learn new skills. One such student is Shravan Kumar Lingampally, a Class X student from Telangana Social Welfare Residential Centre of Excellence-Bellampalli, who took to English poetry last year and has successfully published two books.

“It’s an amazing feeling to write so many poems. I developed a penchant for creative writing since childhood and I utilised the first phase of Covid-19 lockdown to try my hand at literature. A competition held by our school, “Algorithm Poetry Slam,” in 2018 spurred me and the encouragement of teachers boosted my confidence,” says Shravan Kumar.

The 15-year-old’s books titled: ‘The Art from My Heart‘ and ‘The Undiluted Feelings’ were published on Amazon Kindle, a digital device that facilitates users to browse, buy, download and read e-books. While the first book is a compilation of 20 poems, the second has 32 poems, expressing deep concern over climate change, pollution and various threats to the environment. “I penned the first book during the lockdown in 2020,” Shravan Kumar said. He then wrote his second compilation in April considering the good response he got for his maiden book on Amazon Kindle. The users gave positive feedback, which boosted his confidence further, the young poet said.

The son of a mason from Luxettipet town revealed that he is all ready with another collection of 100 poems titled ‘The Entrenched Emotions’ that speaks about personality development and developing good habits, soon. His inspiration is Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. He loves to read the works of Chetan Bhagat and William Shakespeare and many other international poets.

Our Earth is exactly exquisite
Eradicating the pollution is really requisite
This is the planet of powerful thoughts
Yeah ! Let’s shun all the nasty spots
People musn’t be a bit notorious
They’ve to make everything glorious
Oh God! Our Earth is so furious
Let’s make it even more gorgeous
Our Earth too has a soul
Oh Dear! Don’t make it so foul
You must know the true worth of our earth
Let’s draw a remarkable purpose for our birth
It’s charming to witness the chirping of birds
That pleasure makes me write as beautiful words
I came across the real beauty of our nature
It’s really elegant to give importance to every creature
I know it’s hard to say no to our loved ones
Yeah ! It’s time to think once
Both the sun and the moon are emitting their indomitable light
Alright ! They make our earth much bright
Why don”t you put the beauty of our earth in your heart
Yeah ! Sometimes you people act so smart
Our Earth is utterly gracious
Don”t make it ferocious

– Shravan Kumar Lingampally

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