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Manager Saved A Top Heroine From The Trap Of USA Sex Racket

As the prostitution ring and the subsequent arrest of Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandrakala in the USA has led to a storm in Tollywood, some say that few star heroines got saved from the clutches of this couple.

A star heroine who has done plenty of films down south has once been to Chicago and her invitation was sent by none other than Kishan. But then, when the accused asked her about indulging in some 'pleasurable' stuff during her trip, she got stunned. Immediately her manager jumped into the scene and made sure that she will get in direct touch with USA Telugu organisations. Later the star heroine went to Chicago through a direct invite and without the interference of Kishan and his wife. 

Around the same time, another actress also went to Chicago and she was locked in a hotel room first and later at the house of Kishan and Chandrakala. The petition in Court clearly mentioned a Victim (that heroine) talking about this incident. After listening to this, our star heroine felt happy that her manager saved her that day. 

While that's one side of the story, some NRI's are said to be revealing that almost 90% of heroines who ended up in the USA came for 'shopping' and 'dinner', but now everyone is declining and claiming innocence. Well, this is an unstoppable debate.




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