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Mallya Hits Out At Netizens Who Called Him CHOR

Everyone in India right now knows the fact that liquor baron, the former face of Kingfisher, Vijay Mallya, has escaped to the UK after defaulting crores of money to Indian banks. And then, Indian authorities are trying to bring him from some time as they want to extradite him to squeeze money from his pockets.

Amidst this chaos, other day Vijay Mallya attended the popular F1 racing and posed with his Royal Challengers Bangalore team member Chris Gayle. As the West Indies cricketer shared this picture on Twitter, a barge of tweets from many Indians have targeted Mallya and even called him a 'chor'. 

Responding to this, Mallya punched back with a satire, "Great to catch up with the Universe Boss and my dear friend. For all those of you losers who call me CHOR, ask your own Banks to take their full money that I am offering for the past one year. Then decide on who is CHOR". 

But when Mr Mallya is so honest, one wonders what made him escape to UK and settled down in London. He should have lived here and paid the figures he's taunting about to the banks, such that he would have stood as an example of honesty.





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