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Mahesh Teaming With Geetha Arts

It's long time that Geetha Arts is working with superstar except for their own heir Allu Arjun. And if we consider even the Superstars at home, their last film is "Jalsa" where Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is the lead. Since then, this banner hasn't come up with any big superstar.

The latest buzz is that Allu Arvind has recently met Mahesh Babu and discussed the possibility of working together for a film. With the kind of brand image, Geetha Arts has, definitely Mahesh will be responding positively and he did the same. At the same time, Arvind is heard giving an open hand to the Superstar. 

Mahesh will be picking the director and kind of story he wants to and Geetha Arts will be taking care of the rest. Unlike Mahesh's other films, this time GA will take care of the whole promotions and distributions if the project falls in place. And many are looking forward to seeing Arvind produce films with other superstars too. 

In the recent past, Arvind made films with superstars Amir Khan and Pawan Kalyan and now Mahesh will be his third big star apart from his son Allu Arjun. Let's see if the news turns real and gets announced any sooner. 




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