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Mahesh Following Chiru Strategy

When discussion happens about the number one star in Tollywood, Mahesh name always crops up. He enjoys immense stardom, fan following and also has the numerous hits at the box office to strengthen his case. But at present, it is not clear who is ruling the Tollywood but it seems Mahesh's recent acts give everyone a feeling that he is keen to take over that mantle from Mega Star Chiranjeevi. 

Chiranjeevi used to play the role of the Father Figure and appreciated the success of other stars films and the efforts of the small filmmakers. He used to call them to his house and congratulate them for their good work. 

Now, it seems Mahesh is shedding all his inhibitions and treading the similar path. Mahesh who is known for his reserved nature and stays way from film functions except for those of his relatives, of late started attending the functions of other stars. Mahesh who till sometime back revealed that he never watches other stars films, now not only started watching them but also showering praises on them. 

He praised his counterpart Mega Power Star Ram Charan for his performance in Rangasthalam and did the same for legendary actress Savitri's biopic Mahanati. He praised Sammohanam which featured his brother in law Sudheer Babu and for the first time watched a dubbed film, Abhimanyudu and showered praises on Vishal and his team.

Many feel Mahesh set a trend for others to follow him in the industry.




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