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Madhavi Latha About Her US Trip

Chicago Sex Racket has become the hot topic everywhere. An Actress had come forward to share the experience she had when she was went to US last year.

Madhavi Latha: 'Last Year, I had visited USA for an event. Kishan and Chandra are the event coordinators. I took enough precautions after growing suspicious about their moments. They had almost house-arrested Me suspecting I might expose their dark secrets. These people didn't even offer to provide medical care though I suffered from a severe neck ache. After being in US for 20 days during that tour, I decided not to attend such events again'.

The 'Nachavule' Actress breathed fire on Film Personalities who were blaming Heroines after the burst of Sex Racket. She alleged those who are making a hue & cry now won't hesitate to make indecent proposal if a woman is found alone.

Madhavi Latha revealed Actresses who fall in the trap will be harassed by organizers by snatching their passports. She claims to have hidden her passport under the mattress to avoid any such harassment. Madhavi didn't mind saying Actresses are scared to reveal the bad experiences they faced and hence they deny facing any such harassment




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