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Madhavi Fires On Kathi Mahesh

Madhavi Latha breathed fire on Kathi Mahesh over his controversial comment 'Seetha Would Have Got Justice Had If She Stayed With Ravana'. She feels the situation would have been worse for Kathi had if he made such comments hurting the sentiments of Muslims, Christians or people from other religions.

The Actress questioned, 'Who is Kathi Mahesh to say Seetha would have enjoyed had if she stayed with Ravana? I would slap him with chappal. Generations might change but even Today people take inspiration from Seetha. These comments were made misusing the freedom offered by Hindu Religion'.

Madhavi Latha didn't mind saying Kathi Mahesh's Wife got separated from him due to his unbearable atrocities. 'His wife began living separately as he don't respect woman. Not even divorce was obtained by him so far. Such a person passed objectionable comments on Seetha and Hindu Gods? If he treats Ramayan as a story, That's his personal opinion but speaking in such manner publicly is unacceptable'.

Even Babu Gogineni who termed Venkateswara Suprabatham as a cuss word wasn't spared by Madhavi Latha. Reacting on the demand for 'Rape Case on Sri Krishna', She questioned from where would the Rationalist bring the God if High Court issues notices. 




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