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Losers Are Both Hindu & Muslim, Gainers Are Politicians

Already many protesters, most of them Muslims, are holding rallies and showdowns against the Citizenship Amendment Act that was passed by the ruling BJP from some days.

A couple of days ago, with BJP folks calling for people to gather in northeast Delhi to rally in support of CAA, things went kaput and clashes broke out. As time passed, steam gathered and these clashed broke into riots as mobs went berserk, resulting in the death of 34 people. Who would achieve what from these happenings anyway?

Whether BJP accuses that AAP councillor Tahir Hussain planned the riots or other parties like Congress accuse that BJP is promoting Hindutva agenda and mob mindset, as most of the riots are happening in constituencies where the saffron party won in the recently concluded election, the bottom line is pretty clear. If we look at some of the places destroyed by mobs, there is a fruit shop belonging to a Hindu and chappal shop belonging to a Muslim.

Even though if this #DelhiViolence is being projected as another Hindu-Muslim clash, surely the biggest losers from the riots are the common people, among whom there are Hindus and Muslims as well.

Guess who will be the biggest gainers? Surely the politicians because everyone knows how incidents like Babri Masjid or Gujarat riots are used to political advantage by the leaders, but in the end, common man became only a scapegoat.

On the other hand, transfer of a High Court judge who spoke against the riots and inaction against an AAP MLA who is said to be responsible for the killing of Intelligence Bureau agent Ankit Sharma, and police thrashing CC TVs on roads, have all become unanswered questions that left country's citizens in a shocker. Where is governance, administration and empathy in Delhi?




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