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Lokesh Says They Trolled His Mother For Supporting Farmers

TDP Leader Nara Lokesh once again slammed at YS Jagan's government and filled energy in people protesting at youth relay hunger strike to retain Amaravti as the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The protests have been going on from the last 63 days.

Nara Lokesh addressed the people at the Amaravati region, mentioning that Andhra Pradesh people have lost the identity and care-of address today due to the Tuglaq rule who wanted to impose the three-piece rule that nobody ever asked for. Lokesh took a jibe at Jagan that he is going backward in development when Chandrababu intended to build a capital in Amaravati, even when we have the common capital of Hyderabad for 10 years.

Lokesh expressed his displeasure on the government for wasting all the great sacrifice of AMaravati farmers, who gave away their fertile lands to build the capital. The TDP leader recalled how the Singapore Government agreed to build the Seed Capital with state of the art infrastructure and criticized how the Jagan's government obstructed it from happening.

Expressing his concern and pity on how women had to come on roads against the government's disturbing policies, Lokesh ridiculed Jagan's suppressive rule that has people arrested for raising slogans of 'Jai Amaravati'. He even took a word in his speech about the students being suspended for raising slogans to support AMaravati as capital and how women have been insulted with words like 'paid artists'. Lokesh recalled how the police boots kicked the people protesting and also how his mother was insulted for giving solidarity to the farmers in Amaravati.

Lokesh reminded that the 'land pooling' concept was then praised by the world and it garnered interest and attention for its process of making the farmers as part of the development of the city. Also stating that the ruling should be like a family of Court, council, and secretariat, Lokesh criticized Jagan for separating the family to three parts of the state with his Jagluq formulae.

Lokesh further attacked Jagan's government verbally that not even one industry has come forward to invest in Andhra Pradesh, just because the CM is scaring away them with his rule. Lokesh questioned how is the government planning to decentralize and develop the state when there are no investments in the first place.

Concluding the speech, Lokesh affirmed that these protests will go on until the State Government bends down to retain the state capital as Amaravati, but not the three capital rule.




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