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Liquor Allowed On Doctor’s Prescription

It what it could be a piece of good news for the drinkers, God's own country came up with a bold move on selling liquor that left everyone in a deep shock. As a result of the lockdown, many liquor shops have been closed and no liquor is available in many states.

With many people committing suicide due to lack of liquor, Kerala CM Pinrai Vijayan said directed the state excise department to sell liquor if anyone comes with doctor prescription

It has been reported that to see that the virus is not spread in the state, Kerala is thinking to sell liquor online. Earlier Kerala CM has ordered the excise department to shift people to de-addiction center who wants to quit drinking.

Now selling liquor might be a path-breaking move as no other state till now has opted such a bold move. Earlier the Keralites shocked everyone by maintaining social distance in the queue lines as the shops.



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