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Less About Film Industry In Sammohanam Movie

The trailer of Sudheer Babu and Aditi Rao Hyderi's 'Sammohanam' gave us the impression that the film will focus a lot on Telugu film industry as the female lead is a movie star.

Aditi Rao has played the role of a movie star while Sudheer Babu did the role of a commoner who hates movies.

However, director Indraganti Mohan Krishna says the film doesn't focus much on the glamour world.

It dwells on workings of the movie industry for less than 20 minutes and the rest is on the romantic track between the lead pair, he revealed during the movie's promotional interviews.

It has also been widely speculated that the film is a copy of 'Notting Hill', a British blockbuster starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

'Notting Hill' is all about this: "The life of a simple bookshop owner changes when he meets the most famous film star in the world." 

But Indraganti says he got the idea for 'Sammohanam' when he met a guy who hates movie world while filming his earlier movie 'Golconda High School'.

Whether he is telling truth or lies will be known on June 15, when the film hits the screens




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