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Latha Upset With Lust Story

Karan Johar’s short story in the anthology ‘Lust Stories’ has been receiving huge appreciation for the way he had hilariously addressed one of the contemporary issues that need to be discussed. Kiara Advani’s masturbation scene using a vibrator is seen as a well-shot scene against the backdrop of an iconic song from ‘Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham’. Using the iconic song as the backdrop of the above-said scene was seen as an act of self-desecration by Karan Johar. The legendary singer Latha Mangeshkar who sang the song was said to be totally upset over this. The least she expected was to see her popular song as a backdrop for a masturbation scene. Latha Mangeshkar recorded the song for Karan Johar’s film when she had retired and seldom sang songs. The filmmaker was quite elated to have roped in the legendary singer for singing the song that became synonymous with a bhajan song that portrayed the emotions between people and their family relationships. What would Karan have to say to this?





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