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Lagadapati Says TDP To Get Majority From Coastal Andhra Itself

It is known to our readers that former Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal who is known for his accurate Surveys has submitted a 60 Page Survey Report to Chief ministerChandrababu Naidu recently in Amaravati. Lagadapati is assisting Naidu with periodical surveys to help him gauge the public perception

Chandrababu Naidu did not divulge the report but said to the leader we are getting the results which will even surprise us (TDP Leaders). A Senior Leader from Guntur district tells us that TDP will get the majority with the Coastal Andhra itself. He also added that TDP is going to win more number of seats than Jagan’s Party in Rayalaseema which is the Opposition’s Stronghold. The report also said Janasena will be confined to Single Digit Number, all of them in Coastal Andhra. Janasena will also get no more than one seat in any district, according to the survey. Minorities reportedly are rallying with TDP this time and also a vast majority of the Kapu Community and Rayalaseema people if the report is to be believed




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