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Lady Blackmailing Top Star Hero

Tollywood recently got many shocks when Sri Reddy made startling allegations against many top celebrities and more recently when US cops arrested a couple for running a sex racket with heroines. Now many are experiencing shivers with a fear of they will be targeted and so losing their sleep thinking about it.

In the midst of all this, it is coming out that a lady who had an affair with a leading Tollywood star, now started blackmailing him. Inside talk is the unmarried hero started off with successes at the start of his career and at that time came into contact with many hot beauties. He ran into a relation with one lady who had the videos and snaps of those romantic encounters, started blackmailing him.

He is now at his wits end on how to wriggle out of his photos. It is also learnt that, he is related to an influential person in Tollywood




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